About Akara Ice Fishing Palm Rod. Constructed from quality products the Akara Palm Rod is a must for any serious hard-water angler. Feel even the slightest bite with this precision rod paired with your favorite ice fishing jigs. Run-n-gun? Hole hop? The Fin Akara Palm Rod is for you! Made from durable, rigid fiberglass, the Fin is great for shallow water fishing as well as depths of over 20 ft! Don't let the slim design of this rod fool you, it also delivers the strong hooksets you need to land larger fish. The reel is made of high strength plastic with an open concept. Jan 24, 2017 · Putting my new Akara Palm rods to work on this warm day on the ice. It was a fun day of fishing for sure! Feb 25, 2016 · Our blanks for these rod systems are made of durable, highly flexible fiberglass that preforms flawlessly in the frigid weather of the North American ice belt. Light and sensitive you will quickly.

Dec 06, 2019 · Akara Fishing is leading this trend, featuring an array of simple, lightweight palm rods that can be matched with spring bobbers for specific jig weights. The Akara Balalaika TK0025 consists of a rigid fiberglass blank, matched to an open concept, anti-tangle reel. The reel has a variable drag and includes a foam pad for securing and stowing jigs. Feb 12, 2015 · Catching small bluegills on the Akara Palm rod in central Wisconsin. Jeff Kelm showcases his technique for training for the USA Ice Fishing Team. Vicious Fishing Line - Aqua- Vu Cameras - Jiffy.

I just rigged up a few new rods tonight. 12 ounce line and 2.5MM jigs. Your chances of retying a jig on that set up outside are about zero at least with my eyes and 2.5 mag glasses. That must be why most palm rod guys at the USA Tryouts have lots of rods all rigged up. I. Oct 20, 2015 · The palm rod from Frabill last year does not count as a palm rod in my humblest of opinions So here is the list of available in America palms I use Jontu rod from Finland sold onAkara now has the juntu rod as well but your bobbers had em first My Akara rods are all SK models with the stopper. Smart Rods gives awesome action to lure and bait,perform genius moves to trigger fish to bite.These fine tune palm rods comes with an adjustable titanium spring bobber. See and feel every bites. Jonttu Sport Rod is a quality Palm Rod made in Finland and used for competition fishing in the Nordic Regions and across Russia. The design has a reel spool with a metal line guide in the handle. The Reel is hard molded plastic for durability with a fiberglass blank for lots of backbone to set the hook. Rod comes with a terrific Strike Indicator. The perfect addition to your palm rod, the Akara PET Spring Bobber universally fits on any Akara palm fishing rod and works great when using small panfish jigs. These durable and sensitive spring bobbers easily slide over your rods shaft and can be adjusted for whatever tension you need. 2 per pack Neon orange tip for visibility.

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